Reading, Writing and Religion 1660-1830

Reading, Writing and Religion 1660-1830


 Saturday 7th December

Queen Mary, University of London


The theme of the colloquium is Reading, Writing and Religion 1660-1830. We invite papers, short presentations and reports on work-in-progress on the following topics:

  • The relationship between faith or religious affiliation and particular forms of response to texts
  • The circumstances in which reading-writing-religion were associated in this period and the consequences of such associations
  • Considerations of gender with respect to reading-writing-religion
  • Representations of religious belief in drama and fiction
  • Uses of religious texts in different literary genres
  • Evidence from nonfictional literary forms (such as letters, diaries, essays, sermons) about associations between reading, writing and religion

The structure of the colloquium will be informal and designed to promote discussion and productive exchange of ideas and information. 


Morning Sessions

General Panel: 20 min papers and discussion

Reading Group: Discussion of short pre-circulated texts

Afternoon Sessions         

Gendered Approaches Panel:  20 min papers and discussion

Quick Fire Presentations (5 minutes each)

Open Q and A


Please submit abstracts by Friday 25th October

Full programme details will be announced by Friday 8th November

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